322 thoughts on “24 Free Goddess Gifs”

  1. These are delighful, irreverent, beautiful… just right. Thank you for your generosity and talent!

  2. Thank you! Fab!
    How do I get these into my phone to send out?

    Thanks the Goddesses must rise!

  3. LOVE these goddess chicks, I saved them all. Sent the first one to my oldest friend who had collect miniature erotic Japanese figurines…we we had a great laugh and a 90 min. wonderful phone call. TH so kuch!

  4. Thank you so much. the film is just wonderful and great fun. Now I am going to save the GIFs too.

  5. Where did you get these goddess images? They are great representations of actual statues.

  6. Thanks you so much for sharing these under a free license. I would love to upload them on Wikimedia Commons on your behalf but would need some clarity on the actual license you’re sharing them. Thank you so much once again Nina. Look forward to watching Seder-Masochism.

  7. Please do upload them! I’m fine with CC-BY-SA, CC-BY, or CC-0. There are drawbacks to all licenses, which is why I just said “use these, they’re Free Culture!” (which seems to be working fine!). So please just choose CC-BY-SA, CC-BY or CC-0, or flip a coin or roll some dice or take a poll. Thanks!

  8. These are fantastic! Thank you for sharing Nina, just in time for International Women’s Day. I am holding a Meditation Event for that evening and will be using your adorable gifs! Will credit each one to you, many favoured blessings talented Woman!

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