311 thoughts on “24 Free Goddess Gifs”

  1. Thanks SOSOSOSOSOSO much for these beautiful gifs. They are near and dear to my heart – ancient feminine healing sound and leadership is my field, so I know the images so intimately.

    Your animation brings them forward into public awareness and that is SUCH a gift!

  2. Beautiful, thanks
    Do you happend to know who they are?
    Goddess of what? Please?
    Thanks Again.

  3. I found disgraceful to use the natural beauty and the holy function of the feminine body for discutable presentations.
    Our mothers and sisters deserve better consideration.

  4. Goddess BLESS you for these fabulous gifs. I just shared them with my husband and six-year-old granddaughter. We are all celebrating their incredible-ness!

  5. I would like to know how these gifs were made. Did you have access to solid models or were they made from photos? – I recognized one of them. The goddess with a snake in hand and a cat on top her head is from the Knossos Palace on the island of Crete.

  6. Pierre Villaros, joyful dancing has always been a part of women’s culture. Any disgrace is only in the eye of the beholder.

  7. These are the gifs that keep on gifing. I’m going to play with letting a goddess a day rule me. If you had a list of references around who they are, their name, and where they come from that would be amazing as I’d like to honour them in their fullness. LOVE x

  8. hi nina! thanks so much for the gifs! amazing. do you have a list of the names of the goddesses, such as the willendorf goddess? i would really appreciate seeing the names of each so i can learn their heritage!
    thank you!!

  9. hahaha, this is amazing!! thank you soo much, i’m laughing so hard! i love the venus!!
    greets from austria- and i’ll spread your awesome creation if you don’t mind ;D

  10. Thank you! I will send these on to generations of my students. You are truly talented and very giving.

  11. thanks doesn’t begin to say it. what good timing, hope these get forwarded to washington dc. even the naysayers in comments will have something to think about. hope to see these on time magazines person of the year cover in 2018.

  12. Love you too! thank you!
    2018 needs a lot of female power!!
    Definitely sharing these lively powerfuls after the great mini video!
    a hug from Montreal, Canada

  13. Hi Nina
    I am an Electronic Artist who lives in Gatineau Canada (Quebec). I make eclectic electro-house jazz experimental weird fun exploratory music and mostly for myself and a select few musicians that I work, collaborate and engage with. So Imagine my surprise to find that a professor of Historic arts from southwestern Spain decided to meld the first Minute and twenty of my song Cut the Fat to your lovely fertility goddess collection that you had so subversively 😉 created as dancing gifs. Myself, similar age as yourself, Atheist, childless, and now able to discover another artists through the expression of some-one else’s creativity using both our works. Now, I might be that “Facebook soundtrack” you commented on previously which was not to your taste as compared to Bananarama’s Version of Venus which was produced by the geniuses named Stock, Aitken and Waterman whom mastered High NRG music. But I do agree with your creative commons stand that our art should be shared and let people do what they will with it. It’s all in good fun for me.

  14. Thank you, sister! These are wonderful!! And it’s so kind of you to share them freely! 💕

    If I can ask a question… how does one download a gif? I clicked the “download linked file” but got a lot of individual images rather than a moving one… Sorry, but I’m new to these things. 🙂



  15. These are beautiful!

    Can you please do one with the Dancing Girl of Mohenjo-daro?

    https scontent-lax3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/26685367_2082467625113543_4939223600132977218_o.jpg?oh=50e371266e02e68225a8bf61fa56f8c5&oe=5AF1E613

  16. Spectacular! Well done Nina these are brought to life and given so much feminine radiance. Is this why the masculine is transfixed by goddess energy?
    Immense gratitude <3

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