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  1. Hello, I was wondering, is there any chance that you could share some info about each goddess or where one could find some info about it?

  2. It is SO cool, making my day evrytime I checked them moving around 😉 thanks for sharing your work!

  3. Ssso much fun to gaze & daydream upon Dancing Goddesses of all shapes & aspects!!! Oh to have lived in any of those places and times when the potent elixir of Awe was often only a breath away. ThxSss Nina! You are inspiring many to explore deeper within. ~~<

  4. Hi Nina…. today I had the pleasure of get to know you!! a friend send me the video you gotta believe!!! Nina, is fantastic, I really send you all my admiration, you are great, Nina…. an you please tell us the names of the goddess, i know some but others i didnt had idea that they exist, and I think is a good exersise to begin to go back in our past and be more aware and knowleged in them… Warm Warm regards
    and thanks for bring them alive in all their strength!!!

  5. I like this but my first reaction is a bit unsure.
    I use to work as a Museum Conservator, specialising in Ethnographic Objects, before re-training and now work in Stop Motion.
    Jiggling your bits about is empowering but does it not have an overtone of something Pornographic?

  6. I keep coming back to these amazing goddesses that remind me to not take life too seriously.

    Thank you, Nina x 1,000!

    I do not have Internet at home (rural area; terrible and expensive satellite Internet) — is there a way I would be able to download these divine ladies to my PC?

  7. I love these!! They make me so happy. Already shared with a bunch of friends who also went ballistic when they saw them. Keep up the great work and thank you.

  8. thanx for thes wonder-ful images and the video, Goddess bless you in all you do , Im sharing them with other Goddess lovin women, so much joy to share around

  9. Thank you much for sharing these amazing gif!
    I’ll try to do a soundtrack with ancient music of my region (Paestum – Campania –
    Tyrrenean sea)

  10. These dancing goddesses are wonderful ! Since 30 years I am collecting copies of them and now I will show them your Goddess Gifs. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start dancing along !!! What a wonderful idea of yours !!! Thank you so much !!!
    Barbara K.

  11. Thank you. I just watched you TED Talk and I wholeheartedly agree. I have taken the chain off my brain. Also, thank you for the GIFS. I love them

  12. Hello, could you give the references for each statue? i’d really like to put them in my inspirationnal art folder.
    Thanks in advance!

  13. Hello Nina. I hope you will see this message. I have had a “spiritual” guided inner journey and met a vision similar to the woman at the lowest line holding her sex/ vagina open with her hands. I have tried to google it among pictures from “primitive” cultures or indian; shiva and others, but I did not find it until now. Is it possible to tell me of the origins of this picture what part of the world what culture and so on. Thank you so much and especielly if you have some answers for me. Have a nice day.

  14. oooooo mg thank you — I love the video and must post it on FB at least six times a year, and view it occasionally in between. I expect I will just sprinkle these gifs into my conversations. Just because.
    As an archaeology fan, I would love to know the origins of all the statuary. Venus of Willendorf I know, but the rest…?

  15. Love these. I think you hit upon what the creators of these objects had in mind. It’s wonderful to see them move again after all these years of immobility.

  16. My gratitude to you Nina for these wonderful goddesses. I can’t help but smile every time I watch your video. I shared it on Facebook again, so the younger generation can enjoy them to.

  17. Astarte?
    Why aren’t males interested in goddesses? Seems natural, particularly after the urging of the Sisters…but for some reason they tend toward ‘hairy thunderers’. Wondering WHERE you found such a Variety of figurines…I think I’ve only seen maybe four of them. Who, on my list, would accept these visuals? Of course the unasked question is, ‘but is there a reason to believe IN anything or anybody? We have plenty of observed reality to keep busy.
    Looking at all my favorite Motown singles, I find Norman W. compositions the most divergent.

  18. This is amazing Nina! thanks very much! so much admiration for you and your work , keep it up !!

  19. Thank you for this wonderful video I absolutely love these dancing goddess statues. Absolutely looooooove

  20. Thank you SO MUCH for this delightful and enlightening VIDEO!! YAHOO!!! I love it and will share it with joy! You must have had a wonderful time creating it!! Such delightful and wise minds and hearts! Letting the truth spring forth . .without making too many waves in the patriarchal mindset!

    I have been reading “When God was a Woman” by wise Merlin Stone. Boy, those old men were just like today’s crowd. Putting women down, daring to hurt or beat them, sometimes killing them, raping them . . . . .and never owning up to what they were doing–instead sneering and belittling their wives labors . acknowledging nothing–acting as if they themselves were a separate species, and could do or say or any fucking thing that came into their minds? How different from much of the animal world. . . . . . . . . Here I am at http://www.janierezner.com
    The Words and Music of Mother God . . . . . Much love to you all . . .

    where do these guys come from

  21. This is a shame for the cultures who made these figurines. Now nameless things for you, once devoted by smarter people.

  22. Eres genial!!
    Nuestras “grandes diosas” las ofreces al mundo de una forma muy especial, las haces más humanas.
    Agradezco muchísimo tu iniciativa, me ha encantado, saludos Begoña

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