24 Free Goddess Gifs

Goddess_gif_small_2 Goddess_gif_small_1 Goddess_gif_small_3Goddess_gif_small_4 Goddess_gif_small_5 Goddess_gif_small_6Goddess_gif_small_11 Goddess_gif_small_7 Goddess_gif_small_8Goddess_gif_small_9 Goddess_gif_small_19 Goddess_gif_small_10Goddess_gif_small_15 Goddess_gif_small_14 Goddess_gif_small_20Goddess_gif_small_12 Goddess_gif_small_13 Goddess_gif_small_16Goddess_gif_small_17 Goddess_gif_small_18 Goddess_gif_small_22Goddess_gif_small_23 Goddess_gif_small_21 Goddess_gif_small_24

Here are 24 individual goddess gifs to use for whatever. Free Culture. No permission needed. Go crazy. I love you.


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  • AnaRC

    Thank you so much. YOU ARE THE BEST.
    Love you <3

  • Hey Nina!

    Thanx for the ‘Godess’ !

    Will break glass, and use in an emergency!



  • El Corsario Negro

    Thank you so much.
    I am a big fan of your work.

  • Hello, I was wondering, is there any chance that you could share some info about each goddess or where one could find some info about it?

  • Audrey

    It is SO cool, making my day evrytime I checked them moving around 😉 thanks for sharing your work!

  • Serpentessa

    Ssso much fun to gaze & daydream upon Dancing Goddesses of all shapes & aspects!!! Oh to have lived in any of those places and times when the potent elixir of Awe was often only a breath away. ThxSss Nina! You are inspiring many to explore deeper within. ~~<

  • Thank you Nina! I’m a huge fan of your work, especially the Dancing Goddesses!! These are DIVINE.

  • […] Nina Paley is throwing some goddess power behind the global Woman’s March this weekend. See the whole collection. They are not just liberated, they’re free. Embed them, email them, remix them to your […]

  • Thank you Nina! I’m a huge fan of your work, especially the Dancing Goddesses!! These are DIVINE.

  • These are brilliant. Thank you so much!!!!


    Hi Nina…. today I had the pleasure of get to know you!! a friend send me the video you gotta believe!!! Nina, is fantastic, I really send you all my admiration, you are great, Nina…. an you please tell us the names of the goddess, i know some but others i didnt had idea that they exist, and I think is a good exersise to begin to go back in our past and be more aware and knowleged in them… Warm Warm regards
    and thanks for bring them alive in all their strength!!!

  • Tandie

    I like this but my first reaction is a bit unsure.
    I use to work as a Museum Conservator, specialising in Ethnographic Objects, before re-training and now work in Stop Motion.
    Jiggling your bits about is empowering but does it not have an overtone of something Pornographic?

  • Ipek

    I keep coming back to these amazing goddesses that remind me to not take life too seriously.

    Thank you, Nina x 1,000!

    I do not have Internet at home (rural area; terrible and expensive satellite Internet) — is there a way I would be able to download these divine ladies to my PC?

  • michala

    I love these!! They make me so happy. Already shared with a bunch of friends who also went ballistic when they saw them. Keep up the great work and thank you.

  • annie craze

    thanx for thes wonder-ful images and the video, Goddess bless you in all you do , Im sharing them with other Goddess lovin women, so much joy to share around

  • Roberto Paolillo

    Thank you much for sharing these amazing gif!
    I’ll try to do a soundtrack with ancient music of my region (Paestum – Campania –
    Tyrrenean sea)

  • Amanda

    Thank you so much for sharing ❤️

  • Barbara K.

    These dancing goddesses are wonderful ! Since 30 years I am collecting copies of them and now I will show them your Goddess Gifs. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start dancing along !!! What a wonderful idea of yours !!! Thank you so much !!!
    Barbara K.

  • Dee Anne

    Thank you. I just watched you TED Talk and I wholeheartedly agree. I have taken the chain off my brain. Also, thank you for the GIFS. I love them

  • Shawn Walker

    Thank you for the images. Love your animation “You Got to Believe in Something.”

  • love love love them!!! THANK YOU!

  • […] There’s no two ways about it, Nina has brought to life these Goddesses and given them both charm and humour. You can see the woman in them far better alive and kicking/grooving than still. She says of the twenty-four wonders – “Goddess gifs to use for whatever. Free Culture. No permission needed. Go crazy. I love you.”  – Thank-you Nina – Hurrah! Here’s a link to the full set, enjoy – Free Goddess Gifs […]

  • Adored your work since Sita. Keep up the fantastic work! Many thanks from Indonesia

  • […] Animated Goddess statues groove to “You Gotta Believe” (get yours here). […]

  • nadja

    Shame on you, colonized stolen art, is that ur definition of humility?

  • Mori

    Hello, could you give the references for each statue? i’d really like to put them in my inspirationnal art folder.
    Thanks in advance!

  • Joakim Høgberg

    Hello Nina. I hope you will see this message. I have had a “spiritual” guided inner journey and met a vision similar to the woman at the lowest line holding her sex/ vagina open with her hands. I have tried to google it among pictures from “primitive” cultures or indian; shiva and others, but I did not find it until now. Is it possible to tell me of the origins of this picture what part of the world what culture and so on. Thank you so much and especielly if you have some answers for me. Have a nice day.

  • Sami Gray

    oooooo mg thank you — I love the video and must post it on FB at least six times a year, and view it occasionally in between. I expect I will just sprinkle these gifs into my conversations. Just because.
    As an archaeology fan, I would love to know the origins of all the statuary. Venus of Willendorf I know, but the rest…?

  • Sabine


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