Independence Day!


I am celebrating independence from my uterus and cervical fibroid by resting indoors while my body knits together my post-surgery innards! I told you my posts would be strange for a while.


2 comments to Independence Day!

  • Jon McGuffin

    Hello Nina, just watched your interview with Jordan Peterson. Incredible work that you produce. Found you here and sad to hear you’re having these health issues. I hope and pray for a speedy recovery for you soon! Take care, Jon

  • Outfar

    Hi Nina – Really enjoyed your interview with JBP. The muse you pray to as the source of creativity is often identified with archangel Gabriel who seems to have supplanted the Muses who were the daughters of Zeus. A bit like the the takeover by the patriarchy in the birth of YHWH. Anyway hope the knitting is working and you are back on your bike with your muse(s). Best wishes for your recovery.

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