The Seder-Masochism Book

Graven-on-demand copies available here! Transparency: I get about $6 per $35 order. Hopefully by next year some publisher will have them offset-printed in hardcover with sewn bindings, but until then, graven-on-demand is it.

It’s a Haggadah! It’s an Anti-Haggadah! It’s coming soon! It’s almost 200 pages, in full color! Here are some pictures of the proof I just got.

IMG_0791 IMG_0815 IMG_0814IMG_0812 IMG_0811


IMG_0804IMG_0813 IMG_0803IMG_0802IMG_0801IMG_0800 IMG_0799



Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

5 thoughts on “The Seder-Masochism Book”

  1. looks awsome. I am so excited about this movie and can’t wait. You’re a great artist, I admire you.

  2. I want several copies of this book in my library. They are not going to buy it, but I’m going to request it anyways.

  3. HI Nina,
    About a million years ago, when your work was showing up in The Santa Cruz Comic News, I bought a Hagaddah from you. It wasn’t Seder-Masochism, which I just found, bit much simpler. I’m about to hold my first Zoom Seder, and want to use that Hagaddah. I was looking you up to see if I can get it, when I came across this page. I’m going to watch Seder-Masochism tonight – ahhh … self isolation – and will consider this book, if it seems appropriate to my mishpucha. Otherwise, is it possible to get the older Hagaddah, and do you mind if I share either one at my Zoom Seder?

    Thanks, and be well.

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