Bicycling is not a “Hobby”

It may be transportation, exercise, or a reason to live, but bicycling is not a “hobby”.

However, the following are:

  • collecting bikes
  • tracking miles
  • recording your speed on various devices
  • scouring online classifieds for more bikes
  • writing about bikes
  • singing about bikes
  • converting people to recumbents
  • reading bike forums
  • researching the fascinating history of your bike(s)
  • buying and selling used bikes
  • planning geowriting routes
  • collecting bike tools
  • arguing about bikes

Glad to clear that up.


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

2 thoughts on “Bicycling is not a “Hobby””

  1. I rode a Lightning P-38 recumbent from 1989 to about 2009, but since then I’ve been mostly on the 1983 Peugeot Course. I’d like to revive the 1985 Raleigh Kodiak, which I rode from Kentucky to California, for its low gears and my old knees, but it’s stuck in Maine and I’m in Texas. I’ve been accused of riding for a hobby, but not by any friends. It’s more a part of my personality, especially after the transcontinental ride, and the ride from D.C. to Lexington KY in ’87.

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