“Triking Adventurer” for Gary

Gary got a Deluxe Hundred Dollar Drawing package with all the bells and whistles: shipping of the original, a making-of video, and a picture of a bike, for which I now charge extra. Still, this drawing isn’t quite finished, as I left room for optional customization of the pennants and shield (that thing on the luggage carrier, behind the seat, on top of the pannier).

Update: here’s the final, custom-lettered version:


Author: Nina Paley

Animator. Director. Artist. Scapegoat.

One thought on ““Triking Adventurer” for Gary”

  1. Hi Nina! I couldn’t figure how else to contact you, and I so I’m posting here. I’m a student animator, and I’m currently working on my senior thesis and want your advice, as it is of particular relevance to the project; I love Annette Hanshaw and her music really inspired the concept for the film, so I wanted to cover a few of her songs for said film, but am unsure of where to start researching about the copyright and legality of all that stuff. Do you have any advice? I could write my own songs for the film if I wanted to, however her songs are so baked into the fabric of the plot that it feels almost like a betrayal to the film to not use her songs.

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