One thought on ““Electric Fish” for John”

  1. now, if I tell you that your story regard Palistane land had a lot of errors.. are you going to call me a bad guy?

    1 did you spend sometime reading the history and the important date of 18/Oct 636 ? ?
    I don’t believe you did!

    2 do you know whose OMAR IBN ALKHATTAB

    and what was his position in the early Islamic state? and What people used to call him and why?

    3 do you know if he entered Palistane with swords killing people and throw them out of their homes or not?

    4 do you know what he did to the jew, and Christian churches ⛪?

    5 did you know what his period in government was called?

    6 do you know what and why Islam wanted to open that land and so many lands? and why most kings 🤴open their lands to Islam and others fought?

    I guess you know more about how to become famous and collect few cents than saying true word!

    I gusse you are very poor person .. you modified VERY important facts in the history…

    and you chosen to poison people brains 🧠 and send the wrong ideas 💡thinking of yourself that Atheisim is the best solution to have a total peace!
    in the same time you forget or you hide or you covered the those biggest messcares and genocides in the human history that lead by an Atheisim like Mao Zedong, Hitler, etc..

    just in China alone Mao killed over 45 million soul in the name of Atheisim concept! this number alone is way way more than the people who they been killed on Palistane though out the history

    anyway… I hope you don’t call me a danger to the society by saying the true …
    but the wise man said, if you want to take the morality away you must convert to an Afhiseist

    my 1 cent..
    don’t sale your morality with few dollars! even if you are an atheist… believe that even after when you be gone.. people can find the true and expose your lies then your name will become a SHAME!


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