One thought on ““Prison Druid” for Rory”

  1. Hi Nina and Corrine, love your podcast. Have been listening for a while. Makes me feel sane. Just hoping that you can follow up with a podcast about the alleged sexed brain which Alice dreger referenced several times. What is the evidence for this? And why does it matter? You should also know that dreger misused the research around fa’fa’fine – the guy who does that research has explicitly said they do not identify as women or as female. Also, it was a pity that dreger wasn’t asked to account for the clear cut cases of sexed bodies. She kept referencing intersex conditions which her own book, Galileo’s middle finger, makes very clear are different types of bodies. I agree with her, we need to acknowledge these biological differences and their complex interplay with social and political constructs like gender. Just wish that Dreger would concede to her own argument.

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