Angel O’ Death Mask Take 3: I’m getting tired

I’m now on my third set of laser-cut acrylic printing plates. Third time’s a charm. Even if it’s not, I’m not going through this again. Below is design 3 (top) vs design 1 (bottom). The Angel O’ Death face has become smaller still, so the wings could become proportionally bigger. Honestly I’m not sure I … Continue reading “Angel O’ Death Mask Take 3: I’m getting tired”

Angel O’ Death Masks Take Two

“Show more wing,” said the peanut gallery on fecebook. To make the Angel O’ Death’s face slightly smaller to make room to show a little more wing, I had to make all these paper prototypes. Each one is different. Resizing the image is an extraordinary PITA because the distortion increases at the center seam and … Continue reading “Angel O’ Death Masks Take Two”

Angel O’ Death Mask Project

UPDATE: Momz just sewed the first mask prototype! Here she is modeling it: Here I am modeling it: We look similar, right? Must be that huge Angel O’ Death covering our mouths and noses. This mask is sewn from the unbleached pre-cut cloth: Even though I got better ink impressions on the bleached white sheet, … Continue reading “Angel O’ Death Mask Project”

Angel O’ Death stickers!

They’re round, they’re vinyl, and they’re 3.5″ diameter. Suitable for bikes, cars, laptops, doorposts, mantels, ice chests, books, coffins, monitors, phone cases, household appliances, boxes, etc. Because shipping is a pain in the tuchas, these are sold in minimum orders of 10 for $10, via PayPal. Includes shipping in USA only. Update May 2018: Soon to be … Continue reading “Angel O’ Death stickers!”