Quality, Freedom, Money: Choose Two

People seem to want to believe that just freeing works is some magic recipe for success. It isn’t. But since people crave simple business models, I came up with one this morning: Quality Freedom Money ______ Any Two = success A very good (Quality) film can succeed if it is Free (Freedom) OR has a … Continue reading “Quality, Freedom, Money: Choose Two”

“if no one is informed, no one will object.”

My goodness, no one seems to know what grand juries are! I sure didn’t, until this week. Because they’re called “juries,” people think they’re trial juries. Not at all! Here’s a good article explaining how grand juries work by activist Craig Rosebraugh. Grand Juries, often referred to as the “strong arm of the court system,” … Continue reading ““if no one is informed, no one will object.””

Nell Minow: Film Reviewer, “CEO Killer”

So there I was reading an old New Yorker, and came across this article about a lawyer who exposes overpaid corporate CEOs. The name and the picture looked familiar. Could it be the same Nell Minow who interviewed me about Sita Sings the Blues? Why yes, it is! Turns out the “Movie Mom” is kicking … Continue reading “Nell Minow: Film Reviewer, “CEO Killer””

Reasons not to travel

Never before in my life have I been offered so many opportunities to travel. Flights paid for, hotels covered, welcomed as a special guest in fabulous locations all over the world. I am grateful, and honored. Unfortunately, I can’t stand it and I need to stop. It’s baffling. I’ve always wanted to travel like this. … Continue reading “Reasons not to travel”

July Media Roundup

Screen Daily quotes me in this article about indies and “piracy.” Fortunately I come off as a voice of reason in a world gone mad (to me at least). Don’t believe the MPAA’s lies; they don’t have the interests of small independent filmmakers at heart, that’s for sure. The Morning News runs a nice short … Continue reading “July Media Roundup”

Sita DVD announcement list

We’re almost done authoring the Sita Sings the Blues DVD packaging and getting an order fulfillment service to ship it. Meanwhile, here’s something to do: sign up here with just your email address, and we’ll send you an mail with ordering information as soon as it’s ready. Because the “content” is free – you can … Continue reading “Sita DVD announcement list”