Mimi & Eunice return!

Check out this comic and more on mimiandeunice.com!

And they’re embeddable now! Thanks to Mike Caprio for rebuilding the site from scratch. Looking for a specific strip? See thumbnails of the complete archives all at once, or larger strips on the feed page. All comics at mimiandeunice.com link to gigantic high-res PNGs which you can reprint and publish without permission! CopyLEFT, baby.


8 comments to Mimi & Eunice return!

  • The “next” and “back” arrows don’t seem to work…

  • Jacques

    Why doesn’t the old RSS feed work?

  • dave™© – Can you tell me what browser and operating system you’re using?

    Jacques – We’ll be redirecting old links to new links at some point, looking through the logs to see what people have linked to and use; do you want to use the new feed link, or is there a need to use the old link?

  • Esn

    Thank you very much for having small images in the RSS feed; I prefer these to the large versions on the main site because my screen resolution is small.

    I really like your comic and will be following it in the future.

    Just a suggestion: it might get some more exposure if you submitted it to the website isitfunnytoday.com. I’m not sure if they accept new comics anymore; the site is a bit neglected, but I still find it very useful.

  • Jacques

    Mike – If it wasn’t for this RSS feed, I probably wouldn’t have noticed there is a new feed for Mimi & Eunice. I’m just concerned that someone may be missing out on the new strips.

  • wah, i keep gettin’ BAD GATEWAY message.

  • Alex

    Me too. Anyone know what the problem is? And what is the new RSS feed that Jacques talks about?

  • It’s one technical difficulty after another. Tech is on it…. Thanks for the continues tech feedback, it helps!

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