309 thoughts on “24 Free Goddess Gifs”

  1. Watch the Lincoln Project video “Moms” – about the Moms in Portland, Oregon, who formed a “Wall of Moms” to protect the Peaceful Demonstrators [for BLM, against Police Brutality], from dRump’s camouflaged thugs. Real, no-longer-young Moms with big, floppy Breasts and Bellies poking out their thin t-shirts and jeans – beautifully photographed in lines at night, with shadows to bring out those features. These are definitely MOMS, Moms who have Given Birth and Given Suck to infants. I IMMEDIATELY thot of the Dancing Goddesses. I don’t have the skills – but, I think SOMEbody ought to make at least a collage, if not an animated video, of some of these Goddesses as Portland anti-dRump Moms, with their helmets and goggles and face masks, linking arms in a front-line of defense against brutality and thuggery. That in itself is such an Archetype!!! Mothers protecting their, and everybody’s, children…… Paint the top half of the figures a light yellow, like the t-shirts the Portland Moms are wearing, their bottom divided-leg parts blue or khaki like jeans, manipulate the figurines so they are all about the same size, and position them one behind another in a way that they seem to be linking arms….those with arms raised could be carrying signs. Goggles and helmets would not at all be a stretch for some of the figures. It should be not too hard for a person with the skills! [Which isn’t me!] Watch the Lincoln Project video and be inspired!!! I can’t get the idea out of my mind….. please, somebody, do this!!! [Even just a still collage would be wonderful!]

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