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  1. Watch the Lincoln Project video “Moms” – about the Moms in Portland, Oregon, who formed a “Wall of Moms” to protect the Peaceful Demonstrators [for BLM, against Police Brutality], from dRump’s camouflaged thugs. Real, no-longer-young Moms with big, floppy Breasts and Bellies poking out their thin t-shirts and jeans – beautifully photographed in lines at night, with shadows to bring out those features. These are definitely MOMS, Moms who have Given Birth and Given Suck to infants. I IMMEDIATELY thot of the Dancing Goddesses. I don’t have the skills – but, I think SOMEbody ought to make at least a collage, if not an animated video, of some of these Goddesses as Portland anti-dRump Moms, with their helmets and goggles and face masks, linking arms in a front-line of defense against brutality and thuggery. That in itself is such an Archetype!!! Mothers protecting their, and everybody’s, children…… Paint the top half of the figures a light yellow, like the t-shirts the Portland Moms are wearing, their bottom divided-leg parts blue or khaki like jeans, manipulate the figurines so they are all about the same size, and position them one behind another in a way that they seem to be linking arms….those with arms raised could be carrying signs. Goggles and helmets would not at all be a stretch for some of the figures. It should be not too hard for a person with the skills! [Which isn’t me!] Watch the Lincoln Project video and be inspired!!! I can’t get the idea out of my mind….. please, somebody, do this!!! [Even just a still collage would be wonderful!]

  2. Thank you so much – these are FABULOUS!!!
    Just an idea: here’s a very wierd Venus of the Neolithic sort, who is pregnant. She’s from Gavà in Catalonia. Don’t know if it can be salvaged as a dancing goddess, but I thought you might enjoy seeing it anyway:
    (Not much info in English – sorry).
    Here’s another goddess, though more recent:
    And one without legs (so sad):
    I’m sure there are many more goddesses out there – just thought I’d add to the pile.
    Take it easy!

  3. Part II. Oh, and though I’m sure you’re aware of them, here are a few more:
    (https://ca.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venus_prehist%C3%B2rica#Venus_notables) – tho in Catalan, good pictures accompanying the list.
    (sorry so into the list thing…)
    OK, THANKS AGAIN for your beautiful, innovative artwork.
    Take care,

  4. Mesmerizing … the mystery of women truly have always been envied … and you have brought them to life! Love.

  5. Wow… thank you for your generosity in offering these amazing gifs for free! I am working on a project for badass older women and these are perfect!!! Many blessings to you

  6. WHAT WHAT WHAT has become of the feature film Seder-Masochism????

    You could get money to finish it if you publicized your goddess video, and / or these images. Or just ask people here to publicize them for you. Viral, baby!

  7. and they are circulating everywhere Nina. today in rural Sussex in southern England and credit def given to you.
    Catherine V

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