I Be Illin’


OK, so I’m not in Athens right now. I left Israel early. I got sick, is what happened. A little food poisoning, a little irritable bowel syndrome, a little appetite loss and not eating for days, a little nervous breakdown, and next thing you know I’m back in New York trying to recover in a friend’s apartment, because I lost mine to bed bugs in July – not that that could be contributing to my stress or anything.


Unfortunately airports and airplanes and trying to sleep in different time zones are kind of killing me, so I’m canceling personal appearances for the next few weeks. It is a serious bummer, because I love meeting audiences and doing Q and A’s; and also because some of my upcoming lecture gigs actually pay, and I need the money. But my body and brain apparently can’t take this much travel, and I’m really sick.

On a bright note, the Rehovot International Women’s Film Festival was amazing – really excellent films, and excellent women. I also met some wonderful animators from ASIFA-Israel.


Here’s What They’re Saying About “Sita Sings the Blues”!


השנה, לצד הרחבת הפסטיבל מארבעה ימי פעילות לשבוע, הוחלט להרחיב גם את מתחם הפסטיבל ולקיים אירועים בכל רחבי העיר. בין אירועי הדגל תיערך הקרנה חגיגית במבנה היקב הישן של הסרט “Sita Sings The Blues”, סרט אנימציה אינדי של נינה פיילי ששואב מהמיתולוגיה ההודית. הסרט, שהוקרן בבכורה בפסטיבל ברלין, יוקרן ברחובות סביב שולחנות בתוך היקב.

Anyone know what the heck that means? I sure don’t. Also:

인도의 왕비 시타는 그녀의 사랑하는 군주이자 남편인 라마와 별거의 삶을 살았던 여인이다. 한편, 애니메이터인 니나의 남편은 일 때문에 인도로 이주한 후 곧 그녀 …

Thanks, Google News!